Philosopher’s Stone Blueberry Hash


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Our Blueberry Hash is a quality, hand-pressed hash from a local cannabis connoisseur in Vancouver, British Columbia. Following the addition of a small amount of water, the hash is pressed. It is characterized by the scent and taste of blueberries. This product’s THC averages 45+% percent and has a slow build, but once it kicks in, it is long-lasting. This hash has a sweet aroma of blueberry and pine, with a soft and pliable texture and a mild to strong taste that is very smooth and does not overwhelm you immediately. For those looking to have a chill day or help fight stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia this is an excellent choice.

60% THC 0.55% CBD


7g, 14g, 28g, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound

19 reviews for Philosopher’s Stone Blueberry Hash

  1. Dominick

    This hash was very cleared headed and felt of a icey hot sensation on my joints with the energized feeling highly recommended

  2. Brett

    It’s really one of the best hash. Gives you a really smooth uplifted high. It makes you wanna move. It’s my favourite actually, it makes you feel euphoric!

  3. Breanna

    Hands down my favourite hash. I’ll get my hands on anything that is bread from this. It’s a happy high that leaves you feeling fluffy!

  4. Joey

    Just the perfect hash. When you get it from a good source, it doesn’t get any more balanced then this. Body stoned, clear and happy mental high. Like a said, best of both worlds.

  5. Wells

    Sleeping after smoking this is so good, when you wake up you feel really rested. I’d rate this 8.5/10.

  6. Brayden

    This hits me hard. After one doobie with some of this sprinkled in that a strong feeling of relaxing occurs and lasts for a couple hours

  7. Peter

    You’ll get hungry at first, and as soon as you eat something you’ll be sleepy asf.

  8. Fraser

    Truly an amazing flavoured hash. It’s a thick hash.

  9. Kamron

    Normally, I have no tolerance for bad films, but the Blueberry Hash actually made it so I could have a laugh at the terrible dialogue and incredibly unrealistic plot.

  10. Cody

    This was my first flavoured hash I’ve ever tried and it was great. However I may have overdone it as I was using a high quality vaporizer for the first time but that was my bad

  11. Declan

    Pretty good. Euphoric, not particularly energetic. Great for hanging out. Does not leave one running from social interaction. Nice flavour profile.

  12. Alexis

    Mine and my husbands default choice for years. Expect a light chill, light euphoria, and hyper-focus.

  13. Peyton

    Tried quite a few hash and this one is one of my favourites, first time I smoked it we had a great and arousing night, high is easy to control and is very uplifting.

  14. John

    Best price for this that I’ve seen on any mom site. Decent quality too.

  15. Mack

    One hit and you will be relaxed and present. 2 hits and you’ll laugh at your own thoughts or jokes. 3 hits and you will be looking for your phone but it’s in your hand the whole time.

  16. Diana

    Great hash!! 🫐

  17. Brandon

    This is premium stuff right here. The smell of blueberry that emits from this is insane it’s a must try !

  18. Thomas

    Really soft, sticky, fresh hash, really does have a blueberry taste gets you blasted like kush, it has a real blueberry taste not like other blueberry hash I ordered before from other sites thanks hoc! 😀

  19. Russell

    Probably the best blueberry hash I’ve ever had in my many years of smoking hash

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