Habibi Hash


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Habibi Hash is a potent hash that originates from Morocco. Morocco is commonly known to be the source of high-quality, premium hash. The terpenes when smoking this hash are strong and earthy, with a coffee smell. We recommend sprinkling some of this onto joints for an extra kick. Throwing some on top of your pipe or bong bowl will also be perfect to taste the full flavours of Habibi Hash.

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14 reviews for Habibi Hash

  1. Harry

    I’m typing this, my body feels heavy in the best possible way. This hash definitely lives up to its hype. In love right now…

  2. Aron

    Couple hits right after dinner and your day is definitely done. The head high is manageable and constant. Body definitely loses a gear or two. I’m sorry but rarely do I get the taste and smell thing.

  3. Clyde

    This hash has to be one of my favorites EVER!!!! Its a perfect body high that fits my liking perfectly. The high settles in with a head change and then out of no where your body starts to feel extremely good and you become stuck in place and don’t want to move.

  4. Jerry

    This is also a perfect hash for insomnia. I suffer from insomnia and Habibi Hash did the trick and helped me fall asleep everytime.

  5. Martin

    Anxiety while and after using this hash became nonexistent and honestly, I’m thankful for anyone who had a hand in creating this hash because it really changed things for the better for me in terms of health.

  6. Navinder

    I highly recommend this hash, and its always good to keep some reserves on hand for rainy days because this is hands down one of the top hash of all time!

  7. Tommy

    The onset of the high is one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced in the 20 some years of my marijuana love affair. All stress just seems to melt away and morph into the most relaxing sense of calm ever!

  8. Jamie

    listen I’ve got BAD insomnia man, if I don’t take melatonin I can’t sleep for more than 3 hrs at a time. (but if I take melatonin it gives me nightmares:/) baked right before bed and I slept like a fuckin baby. honk shuu honk shuuu yk what I mean? Woke up kinda groggy but hey, better than being sleep deprived 😃👍

  9. Matthew

    Almost a shame to burn it. Almost… But believe me when I say: its worth it! The flavor of the smoke is so distinct, you’ll recognize it anytime you hit it. There are imposter hash out there, be wary! If it’s the real deal you’ll know it.

  10. Cameron

    It brings down my pain significantly, gets rid of all nausea, increases my appetite, and brings a nice full body heavy relaxed feeling.

  11. Nelson

    If I’m going to sleep it works well at quieting my mind and slowing my thoughts so I can ease into sleep. I really can’t recommend this hash enough if you have pain or anxiety!

  12. Jefferson

    I bought this strain for sleep and ten minutes in, I’m happy and talkative, but in a good way. Definitely gave me a boost in mood.

  13. Lachlan

    This strain is very good,I feel very relaxed, No pain , creep up on you 👻 l feel 😎 like Real mellow , calm . Good for my pain and depression 👍

  14. Brendan

    The smell and taste are always supreme. Sweet, rich, complex, with an aroma of grapes and a hint of coffee. Incredibly dense hash structure. One of the best hash for insomnia. Great euphoric indica effect that’s highly sought after by medical patients.

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