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Sherbert, also known as “Sherbet”, “Sherbert OG”, “Sunset Sherbet”, and “Sunset Sherbert” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This strain exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and carefree state of mind. Sherbet boasts a THC level of 18% and may be overwhelming to novice cannabis consumers. The high potency of Sherbert makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from symptoms associated with stress, tension, and mood disorders. This strain features a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and candy. The average price per gram of Sherbert is $20, but may vary based on your location. According to growers, Sherbert flowers into oblong fluffy nugs with rich trichome coverage and dark amber hairs throughout light and dark green foliage. This strain was originally bred by Mr. Sherbinski, who bred Sherbert intentionally to inherit the genetic lineage of its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.

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The round, tightly-packed buds from this indica-leaning hybrid cannabis plant (85% indica/15% sativa) should be sticky to the touch. Sunset Sherbet smells of honey dipped skunk and when it’s burned, it tastes like a peach yogurt with honey drizzled over the top.

At 15-19% THC and 1% CBN, this strain offers the best of both worlds when it comes to being a hybrid according to reviewers.

Medical consumers have noted that Sunset Sherbet may help in dulling pain, easing muscle tension, dampening inflammation, or relieving cramps. However, despite being an indica, it instills a wired high as consumers have stated, keeping the mind alert and focused even with its powerful analgesic effects. This is a strain that can work well during any time of the day, whether it’s a wake-n-bake session first thing in the morning or an evening smoke to release oneself from the day’s stresses.

Common side-effects from Sunset Sherbet include cottonmouth and red eyes. Some users may experience anxiety or paranoia in higher doses.

This strain gets its genetics from Pink Panties and GSC.

6 reviews for $780 Pound – Sunset Sherbert Hybrid AAA

  1. Anders

    I said cerebral in a good way because it’s uplifting, euphoric, and focused, yet it lacks the anxiety that comes with some intensely cerebral strains. Great strain for any time of the day/ night.

  2. Reuben

    One strain i get a little existed when i find out i can get some.. had a hard hitting start but mellows out after 5 mins great to play gta v with!

  3. Henrik

    It gave me such a good body high, i was feeling energetic so i decided to take my dogs for a late night walk. I was just happy and chill and I loved it. By the time i got home, I was relaxed and I felt like writing a poem lol . She became my favorite strain.

  4. Rocky

    this strain creeps slowly up on you and Hits yo right in ya face while being very euphoric. After maybe 1 1/2 hours the high turns into a heavy bodybuzz that will lock you on the couch with the munchies

  5. Deandre

    verall very stong strain and a good experience. looking forward to doing weed again sometime soon.

  6. Alfonso

    Very nice strain. I use it to treat my chronic anxiety when I run out of meds, and it’s way more effective. The high after a few hits is just a little bit dizzy, very happy, relaxed, talkative, somewhat hungry, somewhat euphoric and really, really HORNY.

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