Black Ice Hash


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Black Ice Hash is famous for its euphoric, yet sedative, couch-locked high that still leaves you functional and energized. This hash delivers a floral and earthy aroma with a sweet taste with spicy undertones.

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15 reviews for Black Ice Hash

  1. Julien

    I noticed with this hash when you get high on it if you smoke again you will then feel sleepy as hell… good for late in the day to help you sleep

  2. Augustine

    We explored a beach, an the high slowly wore off into a comforting inner warmth that has persisted since. A great 8 hour experience. Would recommend this hash highly.

  3. Jamie

    So euphoric and relaxing and takes away depression and anxiety.

  4. Edward

    This shatter is fantastic. Great for kicking back on the couch before hittin’ the sack after a long day. Puts ya out.

  5. Clay

    Wow. Just wow. This hash is amazing. Perfect hash if I’ve ever seen one. Gave me the total, full body high I was expecting. Lasted for what seemed like forever.

  6. Julian

    My second time using it but the first time was a little too much effect for me but this time was perfect. I prefer a lesser head high. I wanted it to help me go to sleep and get rid of the pain in my back. It has done both of those. Vaporized 4 stars

  7. Derrick

    Truly a legendary hash, this hash is in my top 5.

  8. Morgan

    Excellent for a nice long night of chilling eating and feelings of bliss! Top 10 for this 30 year snoker of the stick icky. Do something nice for someone today!

  9. Reign

    It makes me giggly, horny, slows down time, and turns down the anxiety. Flower or oil, it’s been my go-to for a date, and plainly my favourite hash, for well over a decade. It definitely brings on the munchies, though.

  10. Alex

    It’s a good hash to relax and help me doze off to sleep at night. Definitely calming >> energetic.

  11. Ryan

    WOW! YES! You should definitely try this hash. A couple of notes, don’t watch Labyrinth while on it you will regret it. LISTEN TO MUSIC!!! It’s great. And eat tons of food!

  12. Alessandro

    It relieves my insomnia like no other.. even better than prescribed Ambien !! Highly recommended A++

  13. Aaron

    Better have enough groceries in the house.

  14. Eli

    This hash absolutely catches you by surprise. I find it helpful when I need a good laugh or just a wave of euphoria. I can smoke it during the day or at night and feel the same way. It’s a powerful hash.

  15. Cameron

    I’d rate it higher ; but I couldn’t stay conscious long enough to enjoy it 🤣

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