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Platinum Bubba Hash


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Hash, also known as Hashish, is often a dry, hard, dark brown substance that crumbles. One of the original forms of cannabis concentrate, hash is known for it’s potency. Hash is made from pressing & melting kief trichomes, the structures that contain the majority of the active ingredients in cannabis. Resembling tiny hairs, they are packed tightly on cannabis flower buds. Platinum Bubba Hash is an indica-dominant variant that was created by crossing the parent strains Platinum OG Kush & Bubba Kush, this renowned strain is known to have an earthy, flowery, pungent flavour.

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15 reviews for Platinum Bubba Hash

  1. Mac

    Organized my entire room in a short period of time and got some work done for school. I’d say it’s better than any other for my adhd.

  2. Rio

    This hash is for people who want to be chilled out But not instantly knocked out to sleep. It will make you lazy though, but you are able to stay awake. This one is for relaxing in the late afternoon to night time.

  3. Ambrose

    A heavy hash if there ever was one. Great for pain, sleep and appitite. In my top 10 for sure.

  4. Lennon

    This hash was extremely sedating to me smoked about 0.2 gram of shatter and i was so high i just layed down and ate my heart out and slept. Amazing hash for after a busy day on a friday night 🙂 recommend 100%

  5. Dillon

    This is the body high slowly taking over. Depending how much you smoke, you might have a fighting chance but for others this would be the perfect time for lights out. 8 out of 10 rate because the high is inconsistent but very enjoyable.

  6. Roland

    LITERALLY MY FAVORITE HASH OF ALL TIME. Perfect perfect perfect.

  7. Brycen

    This hash makes you feel like you’re in a dreamy giggly happy place it’s the perfect combination of body and head high. You’re thoughts are all happy and your body is perfectly wavy as you slowly transform into a puddle of joy.

  8. Fernando

    I love it! Lovely smell and taste. Effects will have you aware, active, creative and cruising on a cloud!

  9. Zaid

    This is a pretty strong hash. Very strong. Calm, clear head, with a very heavy body high. This is pretty mellow. Definitely a creeper hash.

  10. Jaxxon

    Happy. A bit of paranoia, but not a deal breaker. This is a great medicinal hash.

  11. Tanner

    I want to go hug a cacti.

  12. Remy

    It’s one of the most amazing hash I’ve ever come across. This is the medicine right here.

  13. Nasir

    I vaped. I watched a documentary about our oceans. I rooted for the penguins.

  14. Desmond

    We laughed and chatted for hrs acting super goofy and doing silly voices. It smokes so smoothly and tastes super unique. This one is definitely going on our top 5 list.

  15. Bruno

    Medicinally good for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Nausea, Pain Relief, Appetite Stimulation, Muscle Spasms, and Headaches.

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