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Palace Pakistani Hash


(13 customer reviews)

Palace Pakistani Hash is different than our other Pakistani Hash’s as this one has a Palace stamp. This hash is secretly everywhere in and around Pakistan.  Additionally, this hash is fairly soft to the touch so be sure to keep it in a cool and dry place. The effects are almost narcotic and produce a very physical and stony high. It’s a great addition to a joint and smokes nicely in a pipe.

If you apply a little bit of heat, it will become more malleable and easier to work with.

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13 reviews for Palace Pakistani Hash

  1. Darren

    Very relaxed and somewhat focused at a small dose. Everything became simpler, with less anxiety. A little sleepy too, but these feelings amplify the more you take.

  2. Zayn

    More of an end of day, nighttime hash. Overwhelmed by thoughts and background noise in your mind? This is the hash for you. At a low dose it’s almost like you’re in Autopilot or cruise control.

  3. Victor

    Great for sleep, eliminates 3am thoughts that keep you up at night. Overall: +Very relaxing and anxiety reducing +Simplifies the world around you +Pairs great with a mundane activity like laying down on the couch.

  4. Greg

    Yeah, so this is THE Palace Pakistani Hash. That reliable, all-purpose hash *every* pain/anxiety/insomnia patient should keep on hand. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve decided to try another strong hash for my chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety and wished

  5. Nolan

    Need general pain relief? Done. Need *chronic* pain relief? Got it. Need help falling asleep? K.O.’d Need relief from anxiety? Palace Pakistani Hash will defenestrate it.

  6. Joe

    Stimulates creativity and philosophical thinking. Easy to get lost in thought. Quite clear minded too; not the sorta next-day “Wtf was I on about?” stuff.

  7. William

    It has a decent flavour and it just always works perfectly

  8. Rhett

    By far my favorite hash, very nice smell & look, great hash, after a bowl instantly locked in the couch after raiding the fridge, great for pain relief, depression, & sleep, highly recommend this hash

  9. Taylor

    As a person who has CPTSD, anxiety, and ADHD, it has been such a good way to unwind after a long day. The effects from this hash leaves you feeling more relaxed, comfy, and sleepy.

  10. Bryant

    Definitely a really good night hash or after-hours hash. Also, if you have “weed anxiety” like I do, this hash is GREAT for beginners and veterans alike! 😊🤎

  11. Sebastien

    I have had severe “buzzing and tingling” in my feet since having chemo over two years ago. I vaped this upon receipt and, in repose, THE BUZZING WAS GONE!!!

  12. Benicio

    Wow. This isn’t a hash to be taken lightly. This hash delivers like a sledgehammer – it’s not subtle.

  13. Kaiser

    Flavour is full, rich and thick. Smoked – keen to try vaping at lower temps for a more manageable effect. But hands down this is a potent, tasty, smooth high-quality cut.

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