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Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash


(16 customer reviews)

Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash, named after the region where it’s traditionally produced, is a type of cannabis concentrate renowned for its distinct characteristics and heritage. It’s created using traditional methods of collecting resin from cannabis plants, followed by careful hand-pressing to form solid blocks.

Known for its rich history and potent effects, Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash typically features a dark and malleable texture, making it easy to break apart or crumble for consumption. Its color and consistency stem from the resin glands of cannabis flowers that are meticulously collected and processed.

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This hash variety is celebrated for delivering a robust experience characterized by deeply relaxing body sensations and a sense of tranquility. The high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes contribute to its potent and well-rounded effects, often inducing a sense of euphoria accompanied by a soothing physical calmness.



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16 reviews for Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash

  1. Jayson

    The high is amazing and if you watch a comedy expect to start laughing. A lot. I definitely recommend.

  2. Vance

    One of my favorite hash. It kills my stress and anxiety immediately. At first I thought it was a hybrid because it’s such a great, relaxing body high but I’m focused and happy at the same time

  3. Deanne

    This is definitely a hash where if you smoke it you will most likely not move off of the couch for a while I found that it made me extremely sleepy not long after smoking it and couldn’t find the motivation to move except to my bed to take a nap recommend if you have sleeping problems it will definitely do the trick and has a nice high to it as well.

  4. Logan

    This has been excellent for me in handling severe pain due to PCOS. Using this in conjunction with the many other aspects I use to aid in my overall health journey, this has been a godsend!

  5. Ryan

    If you’re an hash guy… here’s your hash. This has succeeded in what NO strain lately has been able to do: make me not give a shit.

  6. Nathan

    I have chronic lower back pain that, after hitting this once, somehow managed to turn into pleasure due to some black magic, and then when that stopped there was simply no pain. I’m brain dead and euphoric, and too damn lazy to move.

  7. Danny

    Excellent hash for those suffering from any type of physical pain. Has a very good body effect but can also alleviate anxiety. This probably isn’t your “everyday use” hash though.

  8. Greg

    This was the hash growing up. Still just as satisfying now as it was then. No other hash can compete with the head/body combo.

  9. Saul

    I suffer from PTSD and at night I cannot get to sleep or stay to sleep. Out if all the hash is the only hash that knocks me out without any night terrors or bad dreams!!

  10. Corey

    I love narcotic highs and this is by far one of the best, just don’t plan on doing anything, big time couch lock and munchies, definitely one of my favorites, I will grow her again.

  11. Ben

    This hash is good and strong but be warned do not smoke this during the day if you are not doing anything hehe I would give it a 5 star.

  12. Roy

    My favorite hash, kills anxiety. stress, pain, and alot more. When smoking, the hit has allways been very smooth. Would recommend for any recreational or medical purposes.

  13. Bailey

    Wonderful taste, wonderful pain relief of PMS. Will definitely buy this one again.

  14. Zachariah

    This shit has turned me into furniture. I am couch. Couch is me. Made me an immovable object, but not a sleepy object. I enjoyed the hell out of some survivor and ate the shit out of a chipotle burrito that made me toes curl. 11/10. Bout to get raptured by sleep.

  15. Darrel

    Fire! One of the most famous Urkle crosses of all time. Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash has earned legendary status for being awesome. Consistently producing great meds.

  16. Martin (verified owner)

    Relaxes me but I still have a boost to get things done, gone through an ounce in no time although I love this one, it is my objective to try as many different things they offer

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