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Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash


(9 customer reviews)

Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash, named after the region of Al Hoceima in Morocco where it is traditionally produced, is a type of hashish known for its unique characteristics and historical significance. This hash is made using age-old techniques of collecting resin from cannabis plants, followed by skillful hand-pressing to form solid blocks.

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Renowned for its quality, Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash often boasts a reddish-brown or dark exterior and a slightly crumbly texture, making it easy to break apart for consumption. Its appearance and consistency are a result of the meticulous process of extracting resin glands from cannabis flowers.


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9 reviews for Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash

  1. Kellan

    This one creeps up on you, you don’t really feel it until a few minutes later on in the smoke. Great smell, smoked up my car and left it smelling a surprisingly good sweet and berry smell.

  2. Allan

    If you’re not down, find another hash. It’s as simple as that. Potent and effective, your go to hash to get super zooted and forget about your pizza in the oven for the next three hours.

  3. Kabir

    Great smoke for a random Tuesday night. Makes you pretty and I can’t wait to fall asleep in like a few minutes and wake refreshed in the morning. Overall, a good hash but not the best weed I have have.

  4. Eliseo

    For reference, I have cancer of the brain/spine, obviously extreme pain. I have use many different strains for pain, stress, nausea, relief. Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash is a step above even the best of others for this use.

  5. Demetrius

    The sense of calm and relief is immediately noticeable. My connoisseur friends who dab, and are rarely “impressed” by a new hash, tried this, and after a single large hit, I was met with, “oh you aren’t kidding. That is special”.

  6. Ameer

    It is a lifesaver. When in large amounts of pain, but things to do, this hash banishes my demons while allowing mental clarity to continue to function.

  7. Alvaro

    Realized today after having used this hash for 2 days into managing my PTSD that for the first time in over 30 years I can actually sit on the swing in my yard…. actually swing…. and not get motion sick!!! This is EPIC for me.

  8. Maurice

    Possibly one of my favorite hash of all time. This hash will make you an astronaut after you hit it a couple times. I highly suggest Al Hoceima Moroccan Hash for pain and stress or if you just want to chill out.

  9. Jiraiya

    My favorite hash of all time! The perfect euphoric, relaxing stone ideal for listening to EDM and watching trippy visuals.

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