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Embark on a majestic journey to euphoria with Pharaoh Hash, a cherished treasure from the land of ancient Egypt. Crafted with precision and care, this sativa hash offers a taste of royalty with its potent effects and exquisite flavour profile. Breaking open a piece of Pharaoh Hash releases a fragrant bouquet of exotic aromas and spicy undertones, evoking the mystique of the ancient pharaohs. Notes of sandalwood, incense, and citrus mingle in the air, inviting you to experience the splendour of the Nile in every puff.

The flavour profile of Pharaoh Hash is complex and nuanced, with hints of earthy herbs, sweet spices, and a subtle floral sweetness that dances on the palate. Its regal and uplifting high gently elevates the mind and energizes the body, inducing a sense of creativity and euphoria perfect for daytime indulgence. Stress and fatigue melt away as a wave of inspiration washes over you, leaving you feeling empowered and enlightened.

In addition to its recreational appeal, Pharaoh Hash offers therapeutic benefits that make it a valuable ally for medical cannabis users. Its uplifting effects can provide relief from depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, allowing for a renewed sense of well-being and vitality.

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2 reviews for Pharaoh Hash

  1. Warren

    Pretty good! Never seen prices even close to as low as the ones here so I plan on being a long time customer!

  2. Trevor

    This hash exceeded my expectations. The spicy notes were lovely.

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