$75 Oz, $230 Qp, $420 Hp – White Widow Hybrid AAA

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THC 25.21%

CBD 1.03%

When it comes to effects, White Widow delivers a harmonious balance of relaxation and mental stimulation. The high starts with a cerebral buzz that uplifts the mood and enhances creativity. It sparks focus and introspection, making it suitable for both solo activities and social interactions.

White Widow’s hybrid nature also brings a sense of physical relaxation that eases tension and soothes the body. It’s not overpowering but provides a gentle wave of calmness that complements the mental effects. This combination of mental and physical effects makes White Widow a versatile strain that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

The flavor profile of White Widow is as appealing as its effects. It combines earthy and woody notes with a touch of sweetness, creating a smooth and enjoyable smoke. The taste lingers on the palate, inviting you to indulge in its well-balanced flavors.


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Introducing White Widow, a legendary and iconic hybrid cannabis strain that has captivated cannabis enthusiasts for decades. Known for its balanced effects and resinous buds, White Widow offers a well-rounded experience that combines relaxation with an uplifting cerebral buzz.


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4 reviews for $75 Oz, $230 Qp, $420 Hp – White Widow Hybrid AAA

  1. Kenny

    This strain was absolutely amazing and one of my all time favorites!🔥🔥🔥👌🏽💯❤️

  2. Kasen

    I do enjoy this strain because it is extremely relaxing. One problem I have is its supposed to be a sativa-strong hybrid and I get super tired out of no where. Like ill be up and going and then boom asleep.

  3. Kase

    This strain is awesome. The line between sober and medicated is blurred so much that you don’t even realize you smoked. It truly is a different kind of high. It lifts your mood and makes you generally more happy. No sluggishness at all. Its one of stains you can smoke all day and not feel any negative effects. It almost feels like a low dose of Adderall. This is now my go-to strain.

  4. Kane

    This strain is the best at keeping someone busy if taken lightly but easy to over do it and then you’re going to be stuck to your seat or bed for a long time.

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