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Sugar Punch is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Sannie Seeds that crosses Super Silver Haze with The One. These strong, sweet buds offer a mixed aroma of berry and lemon, delivering sedating, dreamy effects. Indoor grows can expect flowers between 9 and 10 weeks.

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This sativa-dominant cannabis plant generates long, dense buds with irregularly shaped leaves and petals. The scent it releases when pinched resembles lemon drop candies mixed with an assortment of tart berries. When smoked, Sugar Punch’s buds taste of blackberries and lime slices.

Lab data places its potency at 24% THC, making it significantly stronger than most commercially available buds.

Sugar Punch will get most smokers wired, so it’s an ideal strain for morning or daytime use. It may also work well for staving off fatigue or exhaustion after a long day. Other suggested uses include relieving eye pressure, tension headaches, low moods, lack of appetite, and minor aches and pains.

Common side effects from Sugar Punch include cottonmouth, red eyes, and headaches in some users. Those sensitive to sativas may experience a little anxiety or paranoia, especially with high doses.

Growers should anticipate 9 weeks for flowering.

7 reviews for $420 Half Pound – Sugar Punch Hybrid AAA

  1. Jeremias

    Great for daytime, shenanigans, and sleep —all in one strain!

  2. Jakobe

    This strain has some of the worst flavour ive ever had but it gets me so stoned i can barely think.

  3. Jair

    Fucking awesome, me and some friends had some last night and the indica hits straight up then the sativa comes along and makes you feel energetic

  4. Harlem

    This is great to get high. Very nice strong taste/smell. Can make you forget things. Just blows off your mind. Don’t smoke this sh*t while working or being active, it’s diffucult to stay focussed, things surrounding you will make you dream away ;P

  5. Vance

    I love sativa’s but this one seriously made me feel like I was going to have a panic attack! Little too much heart racing for me.

  6. Turner

    Relieved my depression and anxiety quick. Didn’t put me to sleep either so was able to enjoy the rest of the day 10/10 favorite

  7. Salvatore

    This weed has bamboozled my friends brain, fried, and baked it to a total jointification! Shits strong! Go gone you could call it St Gone the Baptist!

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