Da Vinci Hash


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Indulge in the Da Vinci experience, where every inhale is a brushstroke that paints a vivid picture of euphoria and relaxation. This hash is designed to elevate your senses, offering a balanced high that combines the best of cerebral stimulation and soothing body effects.
Prepare for a state of blissful awareness that unfolds gently, allowing you to explore the depths of creativity and calm.
Immerse your taste buds in the symphony of flavours that Da Vinci Hash has to offer. A harmonious blend of earthy undertones and subtle spice creates a palette that is both rich and nuanced. The smoothness of each hit is a testament to the artistry involved in its creation, providing a taste experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.
From the first exhale to the lingering aftertaste, Da Vinci Hash is a celebration of flavour, aroma, and effect.
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15 reviews for Da Vinci Hash

  1. Reese

    A very nice mix of body and head high. This is the perfect hash to smoke after a long day at work. It just relaxes your body and puts your head in the clouds. For me! 4/5.

  2. Louie

    You help me sleep soundly at night, you’re delicious, and you make me feel fantastic. The aroma is that of grapes and hash, delicious. The aroma transitions to flavor decently, and is always one of my favorite smokes. The high is warm, with a heavy body buzz, and some tingling as well, but it tapers off into a deep slumber. Great for insomniacs such as myself. Also provides good pain relief.

  3. Rayden

    I’ve come back to review this one. LOVE IT totally a great body and head high. It’s SO sensory and fun. Very relaxing and wonderful for chilling with a partner ♥️ BIG munchies though. This is definitely the hash I’ve felt the most munchies with.

  4. Lee

    This is simply wonderful. I suffer from chronic migraines, occasional insomnia and anxiety. This hash is just what the doctor ordered. It helps his aches and pains, the blight of the blue-collar-heroes.

  5. Uriah

    We only rate after using an oz so the reviews give a well-rounded impression that captures a hash’s potential, downsides, and typical effects.

  6. Rex

    Great and heavy body high. Warm on the upper body tingly on the lower body. Munchies set in like 15 after the high. If you have sleep issues this is the hash for you! If you ever get a chance to cop this weed DO IT.

  7. Nixon

    Great all around smoke. It gives me the mad munchies and also makes me relaxed and super mellow.

  8. Kareem

    Great hash for relaxation and very potent. It will put you to sleep if you smoke too much. hahaha

  9. Dennis

    I’m a veteran smoker ,when I found this hash on a FTP deal ,for under a hundy for for an OZ with a 9/10 rating !! , Naturally I bought it out of sheer curiosity!

  10. Skyler

    BLAMO I haven’t been this high and feeling like laughing and loving on people since the 90’s ! And I don’t even like most people! The 9/10 was short I give it a 10/10 .

  11. Josiah

    This is my new #1 or #2 go to hash… The taste is out of this world, Very strong and pleasing aroma.

  12. Elias

    It is one of my favorite hash it really helps with anxiety

  13. Maverick

    Love it! Amazing taste, one of my favorite hash!

  14. Thomas

    it’s a really good type of hash I would definitely recommend before bed. It made me very giggly

  15. Lincoln

    This hash is exactly everything everyone else says it was in the comments before I smoked it lol😂

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