Golden Camel Hash


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Golden Camel Hash exhibits a distinctive and complex olfactory profile, characterized by a musty and spicy aroma with almost peppery undertones. Its appearance is medium brown with intermittent golden highlights, and its texture makes it easy to break up and crumble. Furthermore, it displays the versatility of being malleable when slightly heated.

Golden Camel Hash emits a robust earthy scent, accompanied by subtle notes of gas and a hint of floral notes. The ensuing high is characterized by a gentle onset, requiring multiple uses to achieve the desired body stone effect. Although the experience is generally enjoyable, the moderate potency leads to a rapid onset of fatigue, making it more suitable for nighttime use.

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11 reviews for Golden Camel Hash

  1. Brady

    Amazing medical benefits for those in pain or stressed out. This classic hash is a must try for those looking for the perfect Indica!

  2. Jonah

    Decent hash, zombie like high. Felt the tension in my body slowly fade away and felt like a puddle of relaxation.

  3. Chase

    For me it’s not a heavy hash it gets me relaxed, happy, giggly, and hungry. Vaping Golden Camel Hash is a delight! Earthy batch of sweet the aroma could be a aphrodisiac to any connoisseur.

  4. Mason

    I love it, its such a beautiful piece of hash, and it smells so delicious. The high lasted with me for about 3 hours.

  5. Ben

    It made me feel like theirs no worry in the world, so peaceful, I love that about this hash. No stress, no pain, no nothing. Its a great hash, that I would recommend it to anyone who need this time of relief.

  6. Roger

    I will admit, that its not my #1 hash, but it is in my top 5 favorites. Dry mouth wasn’t that bad for, just a few sips of water every now and then and I was good.

  7. Brayden

    It made me a little more talkative, but I love to talk to people so that was okay. Overall, I would give this hash, a 8 out of 10 rating.

  8. Thomas

    Stimulates hunger, nausea ceases, pain + anxiety melt away as relaxation thoroughly takes over & Friday nite couch-lock happily begins!

  9. Rudy

    Cerebral, psychoactive qualities suggest It is likely best-suited for non-newbies or those for whom marijuana-induced anxiety is not an issue.

  10. Gabriel

    If you wanna eat more, this is the hash right here! Gave me intense munchies

  11. Emory

    It provides great pain relief benefits, and also provides amazing anti-depression, and anti-insomnia factors.

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